Roadside Barber

A couple of days back we were walking to the Sanesa store at Sushant Arcade when I saw this roadside barber going about his work. Long before the “salon” came to India, the roadside barber was omni-present for men to get a haircut and a shave. This is a dying profession now. I was reminded … Read more

A string of “Deepavali” memories

Dear Appa, Yesterday, we made the Deepavali “marundu”…. with the mix that you had made in 2008. Yes, its still safe and not spoilt at all. We have kept it in an airtight bottle and anyway Hyderabad and Delhi have dry weather so things don’t spoil as easily. Appa, Amma and I were remembering how … Read more

Diwali special

While growing up I would always look forward to Diwali because I would get new clothes and Appa would get “sweet boxes” from his colleagues at work. Till I reached college and started to sew my own churidars and salwar kameez’s I just managed with a couple of dresses because dad was very clear he … Read more