AAP Swachh hain ????

CNN IBN well done, Bhupendra Chaubey with the smug “I-hate-Modi” smile …. well done. Your coverage of the slums of Shahbad, just 20 kms from the Parliament building in New Delhi and showing the fact that for 50,000 people there is not a single toilet is just outstanding.¬†Repeating the segment where Mr. Chaubey is asking … Read more

Start early – Swachh Bharat

The following pictures are from our condominium complex at 7 am today. Yes, this is the result of the Diwali celebrations. I get it, that it’s in a restricted area and not across the entire condominium complex. That’s good progress from the time when the entire condominium complex would be littered. But it’s not enough. … Read more