AAP Swachh hain ????

CNN IBN well done, Bhupendra Chaubey with the smug “I-hate-Modi” smile …. well done. Your coverage of the slums of Shahbad, just 20 kms from the Parliament building in New Delhi and showing the fact that for 50,000 people there is not a single toilet is just outstanding. Repeating the segment where Mr. Chaubey is asking Mr. Venkaiah Naidu whether he will look into this and help these poor slum dwellers is just priceless.

This coverage is completely in line with the governance style of your star CM, THE CM of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal. AK49 has enough time to go and visit a “Dalit” student who commits suicide in some other state, he has enough time to go around looking for our PM’s degree certificate and hope he can unseat him on some flimsy ground, he has enough time to do voice overs for the sick self-aggrandizing advertisements, he has enough time to attend the swearing in of Mamata di in the hopes that Nitish Kumar and Mamata will suddenly accept him as their leader, he has enough time to hug the poster boy of corruption Superstar Lalu Yadav, he has enough time to review movies…… BUT he has no time to visit Shahbad and build a single toilet. I wonder why ?

I also wonder why CNN IBN didn’t think it was important to ask their star CM about Shahbad…. its in Delhi, those 50000 people voted in the Delhi elections. 42 children have gone missing from these slums but the great CM is worried about the PM’s degree ! Children are not given food after 6 pm so they don’t have to go out in the fields after dark, but the great CM is worried about sending borrowed water to Latur, many hundreds of kilometres away.

Mr. Kejriwal – stop having this pissing match with the PM… he is not pissing in public and your private loss cannot be made into a public victory. You were elected to serve the people of Delhi, not advertise about what you haven’t done and perpetually complain about what you aren’t allowed to do. If you have 400+ crores to spend on advertising, take out a few lakhs publicly and build the toilets in Shahbad and Mr. Chaubey, wipe that smug “I-hate-Modi” grin off your face and ask the right question to the right people and do what you trained for – “journalism”, where hopefully you would have been taught to shove your personal opinion up a dark space within your body.

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  1. Bindu-ji, How dare you criticise the honourable CM of Delhi? He asks all the critical questions even in distant lands. Isn’t that enough to prove his intelligence and commitment? Now you want him to provide the answers too? (:


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