Postcards From Madurai

We went to Madurai for four days between Dec 17 to Dec 21. Here are some pictures from everyday life in Madurai …

Daily sandhai (market) on the way to Koodal Azhagar Kovil
Fruits being sold
Garbage collection van
The preferred mode of transporting fresh produce – a cycle wagon

I couldn’t get pictures of flower sellers selling the world famous Madurai Mallipoo (Jasmine). Jasmine from here is exported worldwide.

Coconuts – a super food 🙂
One of the sides of the Meenakshi Amman Kovil
Street Art …

We had spent days in Vienna just looking at the street art there. It’s beginning to catch on in India too. Have seen these kind of wall murals come up everywhere. They look nice and also stop those who want to pee in the open to find another place 🙄.

Yellow Bag Foundation

We met Krishnan Subramanian in 2015 and we knew that his wife Gauri and he had left well paying jobs in Bangalore to return to Madurai. While Gauri was passionate about using cloth bags as an alternative to the plastic bags, Krishnan wanted to help young undergrads with soft skills to do better in their careers.

Both their dream projects took off after some initial struggle. The Yellow Bag Foundation is now a household name in the South. It has to catch up in the North and other states of India.

The cloth bags are sturdy and last really long. Here is their website – Yellow Bag Foundation.

Yellow Bag Foundation’s office/workshop
Yellow Bag Madurai
Krishnan standing amidst the sewing machines 🙂


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