Indian Armed Forces – Unparalleled, Unbeatable

As I have expressed many times before, the only regret I have in life is the fact that I could not be part of the Indian armed forces. Army or the Airforce, I don’t like being on water, so the Navy wouldn’t work. I wanted to be part of the combat forces but when I was young enough to enter the armed forces, the rules were not favourable.  So I do the next best thing – keep track of what our armed forces do and get second hand thrill in their achievements. 

I think of the soldiers keeping our borders safe and send a heartfelt thank you and prayer their way, every single day. Have been doing this for many years now. Krishnan and I stand up for the National Anthem wherever we hear it. We know that someone unknown to us is sacrificing his all to keep us safe. The least we can do in return is to stand in respect. We also try to be worthy of his sacrifice, India comes first. 

For me the Indian armed forces are unparalleled, unbeatable and simply the best in the world. What happened in Galwan proved it again. Today morning I happened to find this tweet from Maj Gen Sharabh Pachory and was truly proud. So happy that the enemy was not just beaten back but severely demoralised too. I don’t care to compare numbers. The Chinese army played truant, didn’t keep up their side of the bargain, and we lost 20 brave hearts to that treachery. China, the bully, got the lesson they deserved and some more !!

Here is a little language help for the Chinese politicians and the PLA – the word “Ghatak”, घातक in Hindi means “fatal, deadly, harmful”. Ni Hao China – Never trespass into our land. It will always prove FATAL, DEADLY and HARMFUL to you. 

Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena. 

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