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I received this news over WhatsApp and then verified it with a “Google” search which led me to Meet The Makers of 3.75 Lakh Syringes Per Hour Helping India Vaccinate a Billion :):). The WhatsApp forward is an excerpt from the above article on the Better India website.

Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices

Wealthier nations like the USA, Britain, France and Germany poured billions of dollars into developing vaccines.However for injecting these vaccines the World needed 8 billion syringes for injecting these vaccines. Officials in the United State and the European Union said they do not have enough syringes for the vaccines.

Rajiv Nath sensed a big opportunity in March 2020. He is the CEO of Hindustan Syringes and Medical devices situated in Rajasthan, India. Each of his syringe sells for just 5 Rupees ( US 7 cents). He invested 15 Million US dollars to mass produce Speciality Syringes even before Purchase Orders were in sight… 

In May 2020 he ordered new moulds from suppliers in Italy, Germany and Japan to make a variety of barrels and plungers for his syringes. He added 500 workers to his production lines. Now his machines crank out more than 5900 syringes per minutes at his factory spread over 11 acres in industrial district in Rajasthan.

The Company churns out nearly 2.5  billion syringes a year. He is scaling this up to 3 billion in July. Nath has already sold 15 million syringes to the Japanese government. Over 400 million syringes are for India’s  massive vaccination drive.

Brazil has placed orders for 240 million syringes.

To increase efficiency Nath relies on a syringe design by Marc Koska  a British Inventor of safety injections. Hindustan syringes makes its needles from  steel  imported from Japan.

World move over. *India has arrived*.

India has indeed arrived on the world stage and with a bang ! Ofcourse it has its share of detractors who would like to pull us down at every given opportunity. Despite a second wave of infections, India’s Vaccination program is on at a rapid pace.

Vaccination program update

I had posted a month back on the World’s Largest Vaccination Drive – Day 31. Here is the update a month later. We have indeed made huge progress.

Vaccines and Syringes

The experience at the Vaccination centres has been outstanding. Nachi and Kousalya got themselves vaccinated. We should be getting vaccinated in the next week or so. The only hope and prayer is the virus goes away and there are no more waves anywhere in the world.

The Wuhan virus is wearing us out … but am sure the human race will prevail and overcome this unseen unexpected danger.

Closing off with a prayer for all of mankind – Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi 🙏🏿.

Vaccination Drive

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