Eco Walk – Thanks to “I Am Gurgaon” & MCG

The one thing that we miss from our Europe vacation is the ability to walk everywhere … the wide sidewalks, free of litter and dog poop is something we need desperately in India. Mind you, we do have broad sidewalks, and in Gurgaon we also have cycling tracks, but autos and “redi” wallahs take up that space and many of the public sidewalks have become public “dog” toilets. The same people who get together in the different clubs around Delhi/Gurgaon and talk about how Mr. Modi has no style and how shameful it was to talk of toilets, get their pet dogs to defecate on the sidewalks. Now that the society associations have become stringent the errant dog owners simply shifted to the public sidewalks. Just a sad reality.

Anyway, in order to bring some variation to our morning walk we decided to walk in the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh eco walkway. We had done this for a short distance in August, but today we wanted to walk as far as we could. So we headed out from Ridgewood Estate, towards Galleria market, took a right towards Hamilton Court and walked past the fruit shops to enter the Chakkarpur Bundh.

The cycling path is clearly marked but has autos standing in it…
The wide sidewalk has wide holes and dog poop !!
Is it telephony wires or electrical wires ??
The entrance to the Eco walk way – Chakkarpur Bundh

We walked all the way till Paras hospital and what a wonderful walking path this is … totally green and “luckily” just an odd stray dog that has pooped somewhere. We didn’t have to watch our step at all and could walk freely.

Some installation with waste material. Didn’t go across the bridge as I wasn’t sure if it will hold 🙂

We turned back from the Paras hospital exit and we do want to thank “I Am Gurgaon” and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon for having created this walk way. Hope this soon criss-crosses all over Gurgaon giving the residents a much needed walking culture.

Question – can this be connected to the Bio-diversity park ? That would be so wonderful !!!

Residents of Gurgaon – please put on your walking shoes and head out to this beautiful walking path.

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