Responsive and Super Speedy – LIC

I have a couple of insurance policies from LIC of India. All of them were bought with no sense of what they have to offer, returns etc because we weren’t that knowledgeable at the time. Also many of the insurance policies were bought because some friend was an agent. One such policy that I bought … Read more

A really fast train

As we had lots of time to kill at the Oxenholme station today, Krishnan tried capturing a fast train on a video. The first train that he tried filming went past the station even before he could start the video on the cellphone. When the announcer announced the next train, he was better prepared and … Read more

Life lessons on a bike – get off your bum !

Today while cycling in the morning, Krishnan and I went over several speed breakers and that’s when another life lesson dawned on me. To call them speed breakers is very gentlewomanly … They are actually car breakers, back breakers and sometimes I think the people who build them, don’t own cars. So they build these … Read more