Vagaries of Nature

Nature, when its calm and soothing….

The day started quite normally. Out on our walk, I clicked two beautiful pictures.

A couple of Bulbuls were swinging from a cable wire.

Nature - Bulbul

I caught the reflection of the morning Sun on an apartment’s window.

Nature - Sun
The bright blurb is the Sun reflected on an apartment window

We thought this was going to be another warm April day. We were so wrong !

By evening, a huge dust storm started. We quickly closed all the doors and windows that were open. When I looked out of our living room door I found these two painters trying to get down from the roof (above the 13th floor). I went into our bedroom to click a picture because that door is a plain glass door.

Nature - Dust storm
Two of the painters trying to use the ladder to get down from the roof

My palms are sweating even as I merely write about this. I first was very worried that something terrible will happen to them. Krishnan kept reassuring me that they will be fine. They did get down safely and no mishap occurred. Thank God.

You think you have a difficult job? Take a printout of the following picture and paste it on your desk. Next time, you feel the job is difficult, just look at these two young men and get on with it.

Nature - Painters

I had posted an earlier blog about a painter sleeping happily on the rooftop. Daredevilry or Stupidity or Poverty ? Watching these two painters trying to get down during a terrible dust storm was in the same category. Palms are still sweating :(.

Vagaries of Nature and human beings caught in the crossfire.

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