The Anniversary Saree

Anniversary Kanchi Silk

Read about my beautiful Kanchi “plus” silk saree that I wore for our anniversary this year. Its a stunning coffee coloured silk saree.

London Day 4 – With Knights and Nuns

Aug 19, 2018 – Sunday We initially planned on doing the Tower of London walk on Sunday at 11 am but didn’t feel like rushing for it from Piyank’s place. So we did a lazy Sunday morning with roti and chana made by Tua. Then I made the variation of bread chana which everyone liked … Read more London Day 4 – With Knights and Nuns

Handloom – Wearing art everyday !

When you wear a handloom product its like wearing art everyday because the same colour, same style of weaving will still result in a unique product since its handmade  !! Co-optex’s MD Mr. Narasimhan is doing an amazing job of reviving old weaving techniques and sustaining the weaver families. He has also introduced newer contemporary … Read more Handloom – Wearing art everyday !

Dindigul to Bhatinda … Hyderabad to Delhi

Today, a Dindigul vanavasi cotton sari travelled to the historic city of Bhatinda :):). I bought this sari online from Cooptex and its such a pretty sari. Not just pretty but super comfy too. The daytime temperature soared to 45 deg Centigrade as we drove to Bhatinda but this sari kept me cool…. I have … Read more Dindigul to Bhatinda … Hyderabad to Delhi