Thank you, Intolerant Twitter

I cannot post anything on Twitter till I either remove the following tweet or re-word it. Yay!!! It’s happened to me too 😊.

Is this how Twitter tracks every tweet ? The kind of words used by many “blue tick” twitter accounts are shocking and totally disrespectful and they continue to peddle their hatred. All that I did was call Ms. De a bimbo, a rather mild female version of dumbo. Wonder who took offence to that ?

What is Ms.De’s claim to fame exactly ? Soft porn books that were written in proper English and a face that doesn’t apparently age. A tortoise too lives up to 120 years and it’s age doesn’t show on its face. So far as soft porn is concerned, she peddles stuff that has consumers, no harm there. I don’t begrudge her the income that her soft porn brings so why should she be bothered with a nobody like me ?

Was it my suggestion that she should smoke something that helps her forget about her irrelevance that irked her or someone else ? It’s the truth – she is irrelevant and would be forgotten sooner than her ashes cool down !!! The vast majority of human life does nothing worthy of being written into the history books. I would like to give her the same friendly advise that Vidur gave to Dhritarashtra in today’s episode – prepare for Vanaprastha. She is past due for that stage in life.

Hey Twitter – thanks for the 12 hour ban and adding me to the exalted company of Twitter luminaries. I don’t deserve the recognition but I am enjoying it while it lasts. After all, it makes me feel somewhat relevant :).

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