Who is a successful leader ?

There is a whole host of articles, books and research on what makes a successful leader and somewhere am sure what I am about to write also has been covered. So this is my version 🙂 I feel a successful leader can be assessed only after they move out. I know many people may not … Read more

India’s forgotten heroes – 2

I was always fascinated by him. Maybe because there was some mystery surrounding his death and somehow his eyes reminded me of Swami Vivekananda. The round glasses and cap were his tribute probably to Gandhiji. He gave two clarion calls during the freedom struggle – “Jai Hind” and “Delhi Chalo”. He also was the one … Read more

Leadership is all about asking the ‘right’ questions…

Years back, my wife and I were facing one of the most challenging situations of our lives, to put it mildly. We had just exited our businesses, with a huge loss. We had borrowed from our friends, relatives including parents, well wishers, financial institutions and money lenders, and were paying  high rates of interest on … Read more

Paul Polman – the one lever that is changing Unilever !

Paul Polman – A refreshing true leader in an 150 year old firm. This interview came in the Economic Times – corporate dossier and was an absolute pleasure to read. Paul speaks of sustainability, basics of leadership and gives jargon-less practical “gyan”. Reading this interview also made me believe again in the value of purpose, … Read more


Have you felt sometimes that you really are bearing the burden of the earth on your shoulders like Atlas and you can’t shrug ? Felt let down because no one would help, frustrated that you “have” to get it done because no one else will or just plain upset that you are being taken for … Read more