Climate change ..

I am no expert on climate change or global warming but I want to make sense of what is happening in just my city Delhi and the National Capital Region (Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida).

We moved to Delhi in Aug 1997 and Diwali that year was in Oct. I distinctly remember wearing a sweater in Oct that year and then of course many layers of warm clothing by Nov. It was cold till the middle of Feb that year, and we loved it. Then over the next few years we got used to the cold and the sweaters started coming out later and later…I don’t remember when the sweaters started coming out in November and soon it was the first week of Dec.

Today in the morning there was a nip in the air, but I couldn’t even wear a woollen cap. We went to Jasola for a meeting and I just took a shawl that I removed by 10 am and even asked the cab driver to switch on the air-conditioning !! I didn’t need the sweater till later in the evening when we stepped out for a short walk. I haven’t started to wear any warm inners and I haven’t taken out any of my favourite jackets. Its just not cold enough. The fog came early this year… usually its between Dec 15th to Jan 15th but this year it started by Dec 1st itself, but again without the cold.

I wonder if this year we will even get to wear any heavy jackets or warm socks for a few days or this will end up being a warm winter. Everyone is coughing and has a headache or a runny nose, which probably has to do with the pollution but nothing to do with the cold.

Is this the effect of global warming and is the climate change true? I think it is because what else can explain this kind of winter? I watched the documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in called “Before the flood”. Here’s the link to it, hopefully it works still – Do watch it. There’s quite a bit of interesting and alarming information…

Its gorgeous weather right now, just slightly cold, enough to wear my favourite silk saris and not use a fan…but Krishnan and I miss the really cold winters. Maybe next year or maybe with the climate change, it will be Chennai that is cold and Delhi that is warm :(:(.

This is at 10 am on the Greater Noida road a couple of days back. Lovely morning, but we had the AC on in the car :):)
This is at 10 am on the Greater Noida road a couple of days back. Lovely morning, but we had the AC on in the car :):)

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