Calendars and Quotations

In 1995, we were running a computer centre in Madras (now, Chennai). I had a huge fascination for perpetual calendars with a quotation for everyday and I got one made as a “giveaway”. When the business folded up, I kept some of these perpetual calendars with us and over these 25 years I gave away a few … and had one of them on my office desk as a reminder.

Since I quit full-time work in 2015, this perpetual calendar remained in a shelf. I pulled it out today wondering if I did put a sheet in for Feb 29, factoring in a leap year. Well, I seem to have done it. Here’s the quote for today – “When red tape is made nutritional, we will be able to feed the world.” Unfortunately I don’t know who said this as there was no internet then for me to verify and “Google” is unable to figure it out today.

The quote is quite interesting, and can be interpreted as saying if Governments truly wished to erase hunger, they can. With all the advancement in farming, storage of grains, transportation etc it should be possible for every country in the world to ensure no one sleeps hungry, but there are still millions of hungry human beings in the world. A quarter of a century later, red tape is yet to become nutritional.

Hmmm… so much for human progress.

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