Its Raining Owls

As I had mentioned in my post Anniversary Amongst Birds, we spent a few hours bird watching at the Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur. The second bird that our guide spotted and showed us was a Spotted Owlet. It was the cutest thing we saw that day ❤️. It reminded me of my dearest friend Sirisha and I going to a particular spot in AFA, Dindigul to watch owls.

Owls - Owlet
This is a tiny Owl but not a baby. Its fully grown but called an Owlet.

The branch that this owlet was sitting on had a hole and the Sun shone through it… making it look as though the Owlet is sitting on the Sun. Totally a thing of chance !

Near the temple that’s inside the bird sanctuary, we saw a pair of owls – the Indian Scops Owl. They apparently always live in pairs. Totally hidden amidst the leaves. Our guide knew their hideout, otherwise we wouldn’t have found them.

Owls - Indian Scops owl
A pair of Indian Scops owls

Chandan Ji sent me a pic of a forest Owlet that he had clicked.

Owls - Forest Owlet
Another cute Owl – Forest Owlet. Don’t miss the yellow eyes 🙂

Yesterday on Twitter someone had posted about Owls and camouflage. Beautiful photograph.

Spot the owl in the picture below 👇

Owls - Camouflage
Owls - Camouflage

Nature is so fascinating and every species has its own space and ecosystem …. We noticed the camouflage that lions and giraffes have in Botswana when we visited in 2011. Its almost impossible to spot a giraffe amongst the trees if it stands still. Do read my long blogpost on that safari – Africa – Safari.

Interesting tidbit – The Goddess of wealth, Mahalakshmi’s vehicle is an Owl… and we consider Owls to be wise. So wealth with wisdom is the best kind of wealth 😁. My Gyan for the day !!

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