Magpie Robin

We went for a walk around 11.30 am today and the Sun was trying its best to shine through the fog. Krishnan stopped near a tree to take a call and I looked up to see this Magpie Robin perched on one of the branches.

Magpie Robin

It stayed that way for a few minutes even as other birds kept chirping around. A lone sparrow showed up, and quite a few vocal Mynas also came around, besides those tiny birds that never stay still for even a second. I walked a few steps closer and got another pic.

Magpie Robin

Just as I was wondering if I could get even more closer, the Magpie Robin flew backwards and perched onto the boundary wall. I just managed to capture another photo before it flew off into the thicket that surrounds our condo complex.

This was a very contemplative Magpie Robin. Usually it doesn’t sit still for too long. There are quite a few birds that we get to see inside our condo complex. Bird Watching !!

I found a description of several birds on this page – Birds of India. Took a screenshot of the Magpie Robin description.

While the description says that a Magpie Robin performs gymnastics in the air, I haven’t seen them doing any such thing. They don’t sit still and are very alert as most birds are. With most high rise buildings becoming pigeon coops, seeing other birds is refreshing !

Enjoyed clicking these pics.

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