Negotiation Myna Style

As I wrote a month back we have a couple of Myna families that have discovered Marie biscuits and they have become increasingly consistent with their demands. Myna Mafia Don Hoon 🙂. They are boisterous and vocal in the morning. In the afternoon they are very sweet and only chirp softly. Amma’s bedroom window sill is their dining room and our balcony is their bathroom. They come and take a bath in the tub of water and splash it all around.

Negotiation or ? 😂

The balcony is a shared space with the pigeons …. hmmm.

Negotiation - Myna
Hello, anyone there ? We have these trespassing pigeons in our bathroom. Please shoo them away !

Since we didn’t interfere, some more pigeons came around.

Negotiation - Myna
Ok, let me take things into Myna hands. Negotiations start…

Just watch the pigeon that is facing off to this tiny Myna. Its getting a mouthful and doesn’t know what to do… no negotiation skills 🙄.

Negotiation - Myna
Myna – well, I insist that you leave our bathroom right now ! Pigeons – ok ok ok back off

The pigeons tried milling around the water tray but this one tough Myna made them all to fly away. They were trespassing into this Myna’s territory :):). I don’t know what the Myna chirped to the pigeons, but they all left and this one’s spouse came around. Watch the Mynas happily taking a shower in THEIR bathroom. Territory reclaimed.

Its a lot of fun watching these birds interact. They are so intelligent and know precisely where food and/or water is available. They have families and they bond amongst themselves. Today while on our morning walk we saw a whole bunch of birds warning other birds about the Monkeys that were prowling around for eggs and chicks.

Well, its dinner time for our Mafia Mynas. Will put out the Marie biscuits or we will get a mouthful of chirps :):).

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