Negotiation Myna Style


Negotiation Myna style. One tiny bird tells off many pigeons. Tough negotiator!! Reminds me of someone whose name starts with M too 😜

… And we are certified Leadership coaches!

Krishnan and I love to coach. My leadership style is a coaching leadership style and I always believed that every individual is a star performer. I also think as a leader its my responsibility to create the environment where each employee can shine and live upto his or her potential, exceed even. I have also … Read more

Pradhan Sewak – Servant Leadership

Our Prime Minister started his speech yesterday by calling himself “Pradhan Sewak” not “Pradhan Mantri”. “Pradhan Sewak” means Prime Servant and “Pradhan Mantri” means Prime Minister. Now, this man is a politician and some may just call this a clever use of words. But there is a ring of sincerity when he utters the words. … Read more

A very interesting interview…must read..

Just now I read a very interesting interview that was published in knowledge.Wharton. The interview was of the former CEO of Revlon Cosmetics, Mr. Alan Ennis. Mr Ennis has a background in Finance, and was leading Revlon, a company whose products have been targeting women since 1932,when it was founded. A strange combination where a … Read more