Stunning Pictures #2 – February 2022

When you look for something, you more often than not find it :). That’s the central message in the book titled “Secret”. I agree. I started collecting stunning pictures that I found on Social media or pictures that I clicked myself and thought they were stunning, and suddenly there are many such pictures !

Remember I had posted collection #1 in January – Stunning Pictures #1 – January 2022.

The Wise Barn Owl that came visiting my friend Viju πŸ™‚
Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada
Spot the bird called “Frogmouth”. PC – my friend Neelima
What a cute new born calf !!! Posted on Twitter by @Twinkle Dewangan
Stunning Pics - Feb 2022
Mumbai Sunsets by Konark Sangal
Stunning Pics - Feb 2022
Mumbai Sunsets by Konark Sangal
Stunning Pics
Stunning Pics - Feb 2022
The man holding the Sun in his palm is my dear friend Rajesh and the Sun obliges !!! Amazing Pic ❀️
Guess the vegetable or fruit ….. its a grape that looks like a tiny tomato. Nature having fun !
Emerging from the shadows !! Taken during our morning walk on Feb 14, 2022
Stunning birds - LyreBird
This is the LyreBird that can mimic more than 20 sounds of living and non-living things. PC- Google and sent by my friend Sunita
Video of the actual Lyre bird captured by my friend Sunita ..
Stunning pics - Austin
From Lago Vista in Austin, Texas. PC- my friend, Bhagya

Closing off this edition of stunning pictures with Nature’s best – a colourful bird !

Stunning pics
Parrot ? Somewhere in the woods of Australia. PC – my friend Sunita

Today is Sunita’s birthday and she is celebrating it somewhere in the woods in Australia with this colourful bird as a visual treat ❀️. The colours are so vivid !!!

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      • How strange. Your site has suddenly dropped off my WordPress reader. I wanted to respond to your post about the situation in the Ukraine, but then I re-read your review about Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and the exchange about that. Then I tried to find your site again, but was denied. This has happened also with Stuart Bramhall’s site, so I have to access that one directly, too.

        There appears to be a lot of censorship going on, and my international friends are getting squelched. Intentional? Incompetence? Electronic wires are crossed, worldwide.

      • Oh is that so ? WordPress is usually very good so I guess it’s either intentional or some settings must have been reset – there are constant updates and not all of them are useful or needed.

  1. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have changed nothing, I could blame the time difference or the perpetual upgrades, or my new electronic device, or any number of snafus. I did enjoy your post about the Ukraine and the Indian representative’s position at the UN, but there are too many players on the field, so it’s hard to know from outside what’s really happening.

    • True Katharine – we will probably know who was right a few years later as things settle down or maybe never. Because history is what the winner writes ! It just felt nice to read up on all the things that are in the mix during this crisis and make my own interpretations 😊


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