Myna Mafia Don Hoon :)

We have two Myna couples that visit us daily. They are noisy, bossy and want only Marie biscuits. Amma tried giving them some raw rice, broken dalia etc … they just ignore all that and create a ruckus till they are given Marie biscuits.

One Myna couple comes outside Amma’s bedroom window. They seem to have informed their friends and the other couple comes to the living room balcony. The pigeons try and assert their superiority but these two Myna couples are like mafia Dons. They puff up their chests, do something to their feathers to look larger and just shoo away these Pigeons.

The couple that comes to Amma’s bedroom window have become totally unafraid. They first sit on the Air Conditioner and chirp loudly. If that doesn’t work, they use their beaks and tap on the glass pane till we give them the biscuits. Yesterday I caught them tapping the glass pane and went and got the biscuits. They walked across calmly, like the window sill was their territory and ate happily even as I was inches away.

The Myna Don asking me for biscuits – only Marie biscuits. No other brand. 🙂

Total Don like behaviour. I had shared earlier about Biscuit eating Birds !

See the video –

Later in the evening I caught the couple that visits our living room balcony. Amma keeps a tray of water for pigeons and Krishnan fills in the water hoping other birds will come and drink as well. See how the tiny Myna puffs up its chest and becomes larger to drive away the intruding pigeon.

Myna bird
Look at the “Big” puffed up Myna that’s trying to intimidate the pigeon :):)

Everything in nature adapts to its changed environment and circumstances without a fuss ….. except us, the most intelligent species called humans. We try so hard to overcome Nature and bend her to follow our ways. It ain’t happening brothers and sisters. Mother Nature is the forever Queen – she dictates the terms. We learn to adapt to her rules.

Comprendere ??

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