They say the Mahabharata is not read at homes since it leads to discord… I think it is true. I am reading “Jaya” by Devdutt Pattanaik and it is as fascinating as ever. Most fascinating is ofcourse the status of women in the vedic times and how far as a society we have regressed. Ofcourse Krishna’s role and characted inspire love !! No wonder he was, is, and will always be the most loved God for many people.

A sage (I doubt that expression) called Svetakethu is responsible for having created the institution called marriage. Before that women could choose their partners and the focus was on procreation, since the society then believed that only if women became mothers, our forefathers could be reborn and live a human life !! I think we should hold Svetakethu responsible for the situation that women find themselves in today. Our subjugation and loss of freedom of thought started then.

Will do a separate post on how that impacts women today … but this is about superstition.

So yesterday discord visited our home and I had words with Amma – it happened before, when I wasnt reading “Jaya” too but in the recent past things were relatively quiet. The day before when I was reading “Jaya” the author had mentioned that Mahabharata is not read in homes as it brings discord and I immediately thought, hope it doesnt bring discord home – Lo and behold, 24 hours later it did. So a new superstition is born…

So are all the superstitions – a coincidence that happens a couple of times and becomes a superstition. Watch !


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  1. Superstitions are often self fulfillments…be careful what you wish for…maybe…just maybe there was an expectation of discord…so lo and behold…it becomes a self fulfilled wish…just a thought


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