Bibi Jagir Kaur

A mother is revered and one can’t imagine a mother harming her child – boy or girl. Today’s next headline challenged this age old belief. Bibi Jagir Kaur got acquitted of the murder charge but was indicted in the forced abortion case….

A mother forcing her daughter to abort a child because she didn’t approve of her son-in-law !!! Why didn’t she abort her daughter ??? That would have been so much less pain – why give birth to a human being and then hurt that very human being because you don’t like their choice, choice of dress, boyfriend, hair color, degree, anything. Am sure Bibi Jagir Kaur oohed and ahhed over every burp when her daughter was a chubby baby, fretted when she came home late as a teenager and prayed that she has a long life. Then one day, her daughter grows up and as an adult makes ONE choice that annoys her so much that she takes the extreme step of aborting her grandchild !!

Moral of the story – Osho’s oft repeated word awareness….. One should be aware of changing thoughts and the impact on one’s psyche. All human beings have the potential to change for the better or worse. As thoughts turn hateful, hurtful, stop and watch yourself – is this really you ?

The loss is on many levels when one acts in hate or anger 🙁

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