Same Day, Last Year

India made her tryst with destiny at the stroke of midnight on Aug 14th and our KVAFA gang made a similar tryst with a destination at the stroke of midnight on Aug 15th 2019 :). We had our second reunion in Delhi this day (Aug 16) last year. Ravindra sent the pictures from the reunion on our whatsapp group today and I realised that I hadn’t written a blog about that reunion at all !!

Dramatic arrivals

Bhagya had reached on the 15th. Ravindra and Sarbjit reached at midnight on the 15th. Jamshed was expected to reach the hotel before 10 am as he had taken an early morning flight. All these arrivals were without drama… but how can any reunion with school friends be without drama !? Enter the three divas from Mumbai. Rose, Anu and Smrity decided to take a 2.30 am flight. No, don’t ask why. They just did.

All three of them reached the Mumbai airport at the stroke of midnight or just after that. They boarded the flight and reached Delhi in the wee hours of the morning. Neeraj arranged for a vehicle to pick them up and get them to the guest house. He even got breakfast made and kept ready for them.

Abhijeet and I reached the hotel where Sarb, Ravindra, Bhagya and Jamshed were staying.

KVAFA reunion
Catching up during coffee

We then waited for the Rose, Smrity and Anu to join us before heading out to Agrasen Ki Baoli and a few other places. Neeraj organised the vehicles but he wasn’t joining us till dinner. Krishnan was also joining us at Agrasen Ki Baoli.

I don’t know how Smrity, Rose and Anu stayed awake … they had not managed to get a minute’s shut eye through the night. Most of us had met earlier in 2017 but Jamshed and Anu were joining us for the first time. Meeting both of them after 33 years, but time stood still as they both were just the same. Jamshed, quiet, Anupama, hardly quiet :):):).

KVAFA Reunion
At Agrasen Ki Baoli

Krishnan joined us at Agrasen Ki Baoli and we made our way to lunch at Gulati’s, Pandara Road.

Gulati's Pandara Road

We all decided to eat the Buffet Lunch and Gulati’s has a rich spread. Food was outstanding as always. Some of us got “paan” at a paan stall across Gulati. By the time we had lunch, some of the travel fatigue started to show and we decided to get back to the hotel and rest a bit before meeting again for dinner.

The grand dinner get-together

We met again in the evening at Cafe Delhi Heights, at Worldmark III, Aerocity. Rachna was also able to join us besides Sunita and Neeraj.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Cafe Delhi Heights, Aerocity
Dinner at Cafe Delhi Heights, Aerocity

We went for a post dinner stroll in the underground passage way at Worldmark III. The Aerocity hotels are beautifully laid out and the underground passages linking these buildings are also beautifully done up.

We got one more picture before dispersing for the day.


A lovely day spent with lovelier people…. while many of us meet a couple of times during the year, having everyone together is something else. Viju and Sanjay missed the reunion, with the promise that they will be there for the next one in 2021. Now Veena has also been added to the group so 2021 reunion would be a grand affair.

Do read about our reunion in 2017 – A reunion that almost didn’t happen ! and about our school – KVAFA Dindigul

Special memories of this day, last year 🙂

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