Surprised by the Stones !

Till recently, we would have either Britannia Marie or Cream cracker biscuits with our morning cup of coffee or tea. In an attempt to remove all white sugar and “maida” (refined flour) from our food, we started eating a handful of roasted chana or roasted peanuts. I order a pack of these roasted nuts from Milk Basket and usually buy a brand called “Surprise”.

Surprise Roasted Chana

In the last pack that I opened, we were in for a surprise !! See the picture below and please identify the stone.

Chana Stones
Roasted Chana with a “surprise” – stone !!

Since this is the first time that we have found stones in the roasted chana pack, I would give them another chance. I do wonder though, how did these stones find their way into the pack ? I found two more stones over the next couple of days. It was just in that one pack and no other.

Food adulteration is a big issue in India. We have all the rules to deal with it, but as always implementation is spotty. Stones in snacks, rice, dry grains, unsafe colouring agents in sweets and bad quality oil are some of the problems we still need to resolve.

The hygiene and cleanliness part of it is getting addressed under the Swachh Bharat Mission, but the adulteration needs focus. With the Neem coating of Urea, adulteration in milk has stopped. In the same way, adulteration in other food categories needs to stop.

Here’s an earlier post of mine about the food colouring used in Green peas – A chemical cocktail .. Everyday.

Do Read – Common Food Adulterants in India.

Be aware, beware and stay safe ! Eat at home or eat food that’s prepared in front of you :):)

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