Rains Bring Joy & Despair !

After a few weeks of unbearable humidity and heat, rains made an appearance last week. Today it has been raining since early morning, probably from last night. I recorded a short video of the downpour last Tuesday, just for all of us to enjoy the sound of water hitting the Earth.

Such soothing natural music !

There is something beautiful about seasonal rains. The Earth gets a good wash and suddenly the plants and trees all look “greener”. The day I was born, it rained heavily and there was thunder and lightning too. Hopefully I have lived upto the name that my eldest aunt gave me “Idi, Minnal, Mazhai Mohini” (literal translation – thunder, lightning, rain Mohini). What she probably expected was someone who would be a handful to manage 😁.

I took some pictures too –

  • Rains
  • Rains
  • Rains

The same rains can bring joy or despair depending on when they come by. Unseasonal rains damage crops and simply destroy livelihoods. Seasonal downpour ensures a bumper harvest. Yesterday, Gopinath had shared pictures of paddy fields near his place. If there are no unseasonal rains, they will have a bumper crop. Just praying for that to happen !

Paddy !

Heavy Rains lead to Floods in Germany

Too much of anything is bad and heavy rains have caused floods in Germany ! Entire towns have been submerged and several roads, homes and offices have been washed away.

Read more – Germany Floods : Where are the worse-hit areas.

The death toll in Germany touched 143 and neighbouring Belgium reported 27 deaths till Saturday. There are several hundreds of people missing :(. A few days back I wrote about climate change and how it was not a change but a climate emergency. No Climate Change Yet … Just a Climate Emergency 🥵.

These kinds of floods bring the climate change question to centre stage. Since human beings haven’t shown any inclination or intelligence in learning from past mistakes, we are forced to commit the same mistakes over and over again. Hopefully we will learn from the pandemic and Germany’s floods ….. climate change is real. Mother Earth is screaming for attention !

Prayers for all those impacted in the floods.

Guess the United Nations has to be renamed as United Prayers because most world citizens who care about the Earth have simply been praying for the past 15 months. 🙏🏾

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