Public propriety

Yesterday there was political drama with Indira’s grandson making a statement about the ordinance which allows people with criminal background to get elected. He thought the ordinance was nonsense and had to be torn up. Great lofty thought ….

The spineless Prime Minister of India was about to meet President Obama … And coincidentally, a man close to Obama’s age just made him look like a fool. Unfortunately along with his spine, they took out his self respect too because any self respecting man would have never agreed to be a puppet.

What Rahul Rajiv said was correct, but how he said it and the timing showed his upbringing – except for Nehru, not one person in his family was ever educated in public propriety. And the sycophants who lick the ground that the doomed first family walks, are heaping praise on an idiot. His father publicly shamed a couple of bureaucrats and the son shames the PM of the country. The swagger with which he walked into the press meet and the way in which Ajay Maken nearly touched his feet, was shameful – Rahul has not earned the right to shame anyone let alone the position of the PM. Basically yesterday’s drama just proved that the Congress party has lost its marbles and must go – it’s better to not have a leader than have any of these jokers, because they will sell India to the lowest bidder, and gloat about it.

One tight slap from his mother might have brought some sense … But that won’t happen. I wonder what Dr. MMS would say under the influence of the truth serum 🙂 there must be a way to wake his soul up !!

I struggle to hear anything that Rahul Rajiv says – the word “idiot” is printed across his face and that’s all I see, loud and clear. Our nation’s true independence will be achieved when we are free of this family… Gandhiji, it’s ok, don’t cry, you couldn’t have seen this far ahead and none of us blames you for “making” Nehru the president of the congress then. Even nations have Karma and we are suffering through it.

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