The KVHV day

Yesterday I got back home by 7 and thought I will speak to Geetu and Javed, have some tea, pack and sleep early as I had an early morning flight today. I called Geetu and she didn’t pick up the phone, then I called Sriman and he was busy, said he will callback, then I called Javed and he did pick up the phone. We chatted for some time and he gave me the interesting news about Ranjeet’s move. So I decided to call Ranjeet and while Ranjeet and I were at an interesting point in our conversation, Seema and Krishnan called and I missed their call. Ranjeet was about to tell me an important school time secret and one of dad’s friends called up on the landline. So I disconnected the call with Ranjeet and even before I could say hello to dad’s friend, Anu called up !! So I spoke to Anu and then called Seema back, managed to speak to her a little later. The time was 8.45 and I hadn’t moved from the sofa :):):)

So yesterday was our KV Happy Valley day and the Taurean brigade did just fine except for Sriman, as he never called back. Ranjeet, don’t feel heartbroken, he will call today or tomorrow and I won’t tell you what we chat about. I have this sneaky suspicion that the universe prepped me for meeting and marrying Krishnan by sending this Taurean brigade at Happy Valley – Seema, Javed, Sriman and Ranjeet (even if you came after I left the school). Enakshi, Adeeti and Nishi – I will speak to all of you today and close the loop that got started yesterday. And Geetu too. Sriman, you better call me.

The couple of hours yesterday were special and happy. KVHV gang, we need to plan a reunion soon. Long time since we all met. Anu, Sriman, Adeeti make plans to come over and we will get the rest of the gang in.

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