Product Review – TUSA Tyre Inflator

Inflating tyres …. A far better thing to do than inflating the ego 😁. Ok, I will step back. This is a product review and not a gyani blogpost. So read on !

During the lockdown, it was a huge struggle to keep the car tyres inflated. We managed to keep the batteries in working condition by starting the car everyday. During winters, it was particularly difficult. Conveniently for us, the pandemic receded a bit during the 2020 winters and we could take the car out for a drive. Also our condo complex organised for a battery operated tyre inflator to be brought into the complex to help.

Krishnan has been insistent that we should get a digital tyre inflator since 2015, when we started our ShikshaDaan Yatra. Venkat gave us a manual air pump when we stayed with him in Chandigarh, which was quite difficult to use. We kept searching for a good inflator but couldn’t decide on one.

A few months back, Krishnan found this tyre inflator called TUSA. It has great reviews on Amazon and we decided to buy it.

What an amazing product !! We have used it a few times to inflate the tyres and the whole process is painless and easy. Also, increasingly the air pumps at the fuel stations are not standardised and we have had an instance or two when either the tyre pressure was higher or lower :(.

TUSA Digital Tyre Inflator

Operating the TUSA Tyre Inflator

One end gets connected to the 12V power socket in the car. Keep the car running. Connect the end with the nozzle to the tyre after removing the dust cap. Set the pressure as per your car’s specification. Switch the inflator on. In a few seconds you can see that the required air pressure is reached and the inflator switches off. Remove the nozzle and repeat for all the tyres.

Tyre inflator
Connect one end to the 12V socket

The cables are really long so its not a struggle to reach any of the car tyres. Do not operate the inflator continuously for more than 10 minutes at one time. Allow it to cool down before using it.

The TUSA inflator doesn’t weigh much and is a tiny piece of equipment. Incase you do a lot of road travel, its a good accessory to have in the car.

Remember the golden rule to not inflate the tyres after the car has run for more than 30 kms. Ideally do it before you start driving.

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