People’s President – APJ Abdul Kalam

As if it wasn’t inspirational enough that a poor fisherman’s son from the southernmost tip of India, Rameswaram, became THE missile man of India, APJ Abdul Kalam also became the President!!

Independent India has known two great Presidents Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan before him. Then came the People’s President – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Its difficult to speak of him in the past tense because he is still a part of everyday discussions. I wrote a blog a few days after he passed away in 2015 – One life influencing another !. Like the newscasters at that time, saying “former” President for Dr. Kalam doesn’t come easily.

We went to Rameswaram in 2015, a month before he passed away. Here’s the post from that trip – Postcards from Rameswaram. Even today, Rameswaram is not a bustling city with all amenities that we take for granted. For a fisherman’s son to even dream of getting an education in a well known college is a little difficult in 2020, so what Dr. Kalam achieved is beyond extraordinary.

Some things about Dr. Kalam defy logic – like his being an accomplished Veena player. When did he manage to find time to learn? It only goes to prove the point that time is relative :). The 24 hours that everyone has is different. Some of us make 26 hours of it and some of us make 10 hours of it by the way we use it.

Here’s a tribute that TimesNow posted for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – Check out some rare facts.

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