Krishnan and I saw news about the launch of the PM CARES fund – Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund and then noticed Akshay Kumar’s massive donation of Rs. 25 Crores. With the lockdown in place, we were looking for ways to help people affected by this pandemic. We couldn’t go out to help in any way. Some of the ways that we are doing our bit is to call our domestic help, ironing guys and some of the ShikshaDaan beneficiaries to appraise them of the government’s special care package. So when this opportunity came about, we made a small donation to the PM CARES fund.

Its India’s good fortune that we have PM Modi at the helm of affairs at this time – with his quick decisive actions, he has managed to contain the spread of Covid 19. The lockdown couldn’t have come any sooner. PM Modi is a visionary leader because we see the benefit of several of his schemes during this massive crisis. The JanDhan Yojana ensured that the poorest of the poor also have a bank account, and the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme has ensured that subsidies and other benefits reach their bank account directly without middlemen siphoning it off. Overlay that with the Swachh Bharat campaign and building of 90 million toilets, the impact on sanitation has been phenomenal. The Ayushman Bharat scheme, which is the world’s largest healthcare scheme has been successfully implemented and the Covid 19 treatment is now covered under it. The poorest of the poor will also get the best care possible ! One of the longest and most successful scams of the CONgress ecosystem was public distribution system (PDS) or the ration cards. There were several ghosts that had a ration card – probably hasn’t happened in any other country :):). With the ration card getting linked to Aadhar all these ghosts have disappeared. Portability has already been introduced in many states and soon it will be extended pan India, taking care of the migrant worker who will have access to his monthly ration anywhere in the country.

Two other things that has changed India completely is access to electricity and the internet – power cuts are few and far in between. Even a state like Tamil Nadu seems to have surplus electricity and we didn’t have a power cut even for a minute when we stayed in Chennai in Jan this year, for ten days. I got a call from Reji, one of our very dear beneficiaries who is a single mother living in Rameswaram, the southern tip of India and when I asked her about the care package announced by the PM, she knew many of the items and she has access to the internet to register for the rest !

I shudder to think about our situation had it been the CONgress or some other party in power during this time … we would have been so under prepared.

Our PM cares about us and is a true patriot. I feel safe knowing he is in charge.



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