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The Earth Saviours Foundation founded and managed by Mr. Ravi Kalra is an outstanding NGO taking care of 750+ abandoned senior citizens. On April 17th, they had requested our condo complex to donate specific dry rations to prepare a bhandara (langar/festive food) for Navaratri. I missed donating the dry ration and thought I will donate money instead.

Donate Now !

Well, I missed the moment on April 17th and ended up donating today. Krishnan and I have a set of causes that we regularly support. We do our research and identify the NGOs that work in a given space and then verify them thoroughly before donating. With our experience in identifying and validating NGOs for ShikshaDaan, we have the process clearly articulated.

That’s deliberate giving. We don’t advertise simply because our Indian way of giving is anonymous. There are a few instances where we have publicly announced our donations, simply to get more people to donate. For instance, I wrote about our donation to the PM CARES fund last year because more people should donate to that fund.

When the urge to do good hits, act on it. That feeling stays fleetingly. Here is an interesting article on Donor Nudges – Behavioural Economics and Donor Nudges: Impulse or Deliberation?. While the article explores how charities can nudge the donors to donate, its interesting to read and understand your own “giving” behaviour.

Spur of the Moment

I read this amazing book “The Life You can Save” by Peter Singer in 2017. Here’s my review of it – Book Review – The life you can save… I used a statement in that blog post that goes “Giving is a spur of the moment decision, if there a few moments of delay, the thought of giving may be lost.” This is very true.

So next time, don’t hesitate or delay when the thought of giving comes up – do it right then. Donate Now !

For further inspiration do read – Book Review – Ubuntu, I am because we Are.

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