Homebound Anniversary 2020

This year we celebrated our anniversary (Sept 7) with Pongal, Dadpe Pohe and Home made Vegan ice cream at home. Usually we celebrate our anniversary by travelling somewhere. Its a tradition that we started from the very first anniversary. This anniversary the Wuhan virus ensured that we stayed home. This too was different :).

Its all about food !

The celebrations started with Krishnan making Pongal for breakfast. He has been learning to make a few dishes all by himself and Pongal is his favourite. Because he made it, the Pongal tasted even more awesome. Amma made coconut chutney to go with the Pongal.

Post breakfast I started making the vegan ice-cream. Will share the recipe separately. Vegan because we are trying to avoid sugar and dairy in order to keep Krishnan’s sugar levels under check. I made the ice cream with coconut milk, dates and bananas. It tasted really nice ! The last bit of it was polished off today.

Anniversary Ice cream

We weren’t very hungry during lunch time, so I made Dadpe Pohe. Geetu had made it for breakfast on the 7th and while wishing us on our anniversary, she shared the recipe. All three of us love Poha in almost any form. This was really tasty. Again, will post the recipe separately.

Dadpe Pohe

In the evening, we both changed into our new clothes. I wore the new saree that I had set aside for the anniversary and Krishnan wore a new T.shirt. This is a Cooptex Kanchi silk saree. I just wore it to take photographs and immediately changed back into my capris. The weather is still hot and humid and I didn’t want the saree to soak up any sweat.


I have been lazy in colouring my hair, so the grey roots are clearly visible, but hey, am 51 and nearly all my hair has gone grey. I still feel like colouring my hair and I will keep doing it till the interest drops off on its own.

This was a fun anniversary, just like all the others.

Different in its own way. I managed to wish Prashant and Somya on the 7th for the first time as they celebrate their anniversary on the same day. Last year we celebrated our Anniversary in Bratislava. Am also re-living our 2010 trip to Turkey and posting the blogs for each day of that trip, as part of the anniversary celebrations.

A special thanks to all our friends, family and well-wishers who called and messaged us to wish us on our anniversary. Truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

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