Has the Wuhan Virus left ??

We went out for a drive, late in the evening and just parked at one of the roads leading to our house. There were so many vehicles whizzing past despite the road being a one-way road !! Things seemed as normal as before the Wuhan Virus hit the world …. No new normal, just normal.

Traffic @ 8.20 pm on a Sunday

Wuhan Virus
This is at 8.20 pm
Wuhan Virus
This is at 8.25 pm

Am happy that the vaccination drive is going well. Am also happy that Indians truly adhered to the lockdown norms and we managed to get over the hump with relatively less pain than many developed countries.

हाथी निकल गयापूंछ रह गयी – The Elephant is through, but the tail remains

The above proverb sums up India’s current status – हाथी निकल गयापूंछ रह गयी. We managed to push the Elephant (Wuhan Virus Pandemic) through the passage/eye of the needle, but its tail is yet to go through. We are seeing a spike in certain states and doomsday predictors are hoping this is the second wave that destroys India 😡.

Wuhan Virus
Picture of a Delhi road on Feb 1, 2021 around 11 am.

We still have to remain vigilant. Even after getting vaccinated, we still have to maintain social distance, wear a mask and keep eating immunity building food. Its just the nature of the pandemic ! New variants are emerging every day in different parts of the world. By the time everyone gets vaccinated we may realise that some variant of the Wuhan Virus is resistant to the vaccine….

There is no problem with staying safe and going about our work with all precautions in place. Its just wrong to assume that the pandemic is behind us. It still is the NEW NORMAL.

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