Happy Birthing Person Day

The US brings many social innovations to the world … one such social innovation is special days for different people in your life. Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Women’s Day, Friendship Day, Sweetest Day, Valentines Day, Cousins Day. These are very useful for marketing gurus who use these days to sell different products. Earlier it was cards now of course there are gifts specifically for each occasion.

I don’t celebrate any of these days, not because they aren’t fun, but in my opinion they trivialise these relationships. Everyone treats women wonderfully well on International women’s day but make no fundamental changes for her well being. Get women educated, sponsor women for leadership roles, put money into a woman’s hands, be an equal partner as a parent – these are some of the ways in which you could genuinely celebrate women. Then you don’t need a separate day for women.

America has a multi billion dollar pet industry, but human relationships are fragile. Its great that you take your dog to a spa, but can you take that aunt of yours to the spa instead ? She will appreciate it a lot more and the pooch would be happier if left alone. I love dogs too but am not about to treat them as human beings. They don’t care for nail paint or birthdays. They crave for your time and attention. Just like your relationships …..

The New Term – Birthing People

Going forward, it would be interesting to see how the US celebrates the Birthing People day…. aka Mothers Day. Didn’t you see the official notification yet ? Tch Tch !

Birthing people - US

What was President Biden thinking ? And is Kamala Mami ok with her mother being called a birthing person? A few months later we will have a glorious celebration on International women’s day. Hope you see why it makes no sense to celebrate any of these special days !

America needs a social reset. Its a young country and great country but its under threat because there is no spiritual focus at all. Its all about making money, living the good life and being seen as a success. The American family values need to come back and the ancient native Indian philosophy needs to take root there. Hinduism can help too. Birthing people have a big role to play in this ! but first let the President return to “Mothers”.


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  1. Sadly in 2021, you can’t even tell who the menstruating and non-menstruating person is in the above picture, let alone who the birthing person is 🤣


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