Happy Birthday Raja Sir

I got introduced to Raja Sir’s music in 1990 through Krishnan. Growing up I had no exposure to Tamil film music because dad only listened to Carnatic music and Amma lost all interest in film music after her marriage. 😁

Isaignani Illayaraja is and will remain an enduring legend, a veritable God for music lovers !!

Anyone who listens to his songs and background score is a fan forever. We listen to at least one song composed by him everyday or we end up humming something. He is a part of our everyday life. On his 80th birthday today, I want to share a special memory..

Raja on Headphones

In 1992, Krishnan had gone to Singapore and bought me an AIWA walkman. We then went on a train trip to Bangalore where Appa and Amma were. I listened to “Maasi Maasam” on the walkman using headphones for the first time ….. and was just blown away.

Listen to the song here 👇

I listened to the song again now thirty years later, with better headphones and I am still blown away. How can a man from a tiny village with no exposure to any different kinds of music create something like this ???

My buddy Arun had tweeted about Ilayaraja and why Raja is God –

Raja - 80th Birthday

Another fan had posted the first two data points 🙂

Raja - 80th birthday

Its on our bucket list – meeting Ilayaraja and asking him a few questions 😁. Ofcourse we have seen Raja Sir in live concert and met his brother Gangai Amaran, but never got a chance to meet him.

I also had “meeting SPB” on my bucket list and wanted to hear him sing “Pacha Mala Poovu” from Kizhaku Vaasal without any instruments …. but that dream shall remain unfulfilled. Can’t imagine that its 1.5 years since SPB left. As a fan, am still to come to terms with that, just thinking about Raja Sir and what he would be feeling. SPB, Raja and S Janaki spell pure music heaven.

Today on Raja Sir’s 80th birthday, we just pray that God blesses him with a long, happy and healthy life so we can all enjoy his amazing music everyday. 🙏🏿

Raja - 80th birthday

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  1. I love rajasir so much.
    Ilayarajavin Mythili @mayil isai my tiktok

    I want to meet Rajasir atleast once in mylife time.🙏Tqvm anna


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