Dhillika Meri Jaan

Twenty Four years back we landed in Dhillika …. I had written about it in 2017 – Dilli Meri Jaan !.

I didn’t realise that @BhardwajSpeaks had written a long thread about Delhi and its Sanskrit name Dhillika in Jan 2021. Found it while browsing some other material on his timeline. Do read the amazing thread on Dhillika aka Dilli :).


Link to the Tweet thread – History of Delhi.

Dhillika – 60000 years ? No wonder I feel so deeply connected to this city 😁.


Delhi existed long BEFORE Muslim religion was born. Even the name Delhi is from Sanskrit (Dhillika). An ancient Sanskrit inscription from Purana Qila confirms Delhi was built by Tomaras! Qutub Minar is literally SQUATTING on top of temples of Pre Islamic Delhi.

The original Murti of Vishnu whose temple was destroyed to build Qutub Minar still lies unattended and neglected in a corner of National Museum, Delhi. Imagine the audacity of Secularist frauds like Manimughal Sharma to make such false claims in face of such direct evidence.

Delhi is one of the oldest settlements in the world. It is one of the very few cities in the world which have been continuously inhabited since Paleolithic age.

Anangpur had a factory for stone tools dating back to 60,000 years!


At Mandoli in Delhi, Archaeologists have found (late) Harappan settlements. Late Harappan era pottery, beads and vases dating back to c.1500 BC were found during excavations carried out by department of Archaeology in 1987-88.

Painted Grey Ware (PGW) settlements were also found

In ancient age, Delhi was known as Indraprastha. This was its name in Mahabharata. The area within Purana Qila is known even today as “Indrapat”

Excavations conducted by BB Lal at Purana Qila have uncovered a settlement dating back to 1000 BC.

The excavations conducted at Purana Qila show a continuously inhabited settlemnet from Painted Grey Ware culture (c.1000 BC) to Mauryan, Shunga and Gupta age.

The Mauryas established irrigational projects in Delhi channeling the water from River Yamuna.

A Mauryan era ring well excavated from Purana Qila:

Delhi or Ancient Indraprastha was known in early medieval age as “Yoginipura” due to the prevalence of Yogini temples. All the ancient Yogini temples of Delhi have been destroyed during the Islamic age. Not one temple survives.

However the Yogamaya temple was rebuilt in 1827.

The earliest existing fort which enclosed Delhi, the original “red fort”, Lal Kot was built not by Muslim rulers but by Anangpal Tomar. Although the fort was destroyed in Ghorid age,its outer fortifications still exist. 

At 850 Ha, Tomar Delhi was larger than capital of Caliph

A ruler of Tomar dynasty named Suryapala built a magnificent Sun temple as well as a pilgrimage reservoir known as Suraj Kund.

The temple has been destroyed during Islamic age. But the reservoir still exists, offering us a glimpse of the magnificence of Pre-Islamic Hindu Delhi.

Even a 14th century Islamic scholar like Ibn E Battuta honestly admitted that Delhi was built by Hindus (“idolaters”) and “conquered” by Muslims in 1188 CE.

He will have been shocked to see a Secularist Sharma of his future deny a consensual fact.

We really don’t know our true history. I plan to collect all the threads that @BhardwajSpeaks into blogposts so that we can share it widely and rewrite the history books. The distortians have had a good time writing fiction and passing it off as the truth !


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