Taliban enter Kabul …

A few minutes back ..

Two days back

Am remembering Khaled Hosseini’s book Book Review – A Thousand Splendid Suns

Some excerpts from the above book –

Two and a half years later, Mariam awoke on the morning of September 27 to the sounds of shouting and whistling, firecrackers and music. She ran to the living room, found Laila already at the window, Aziza mounted on her shoulders.

Laila turned and smiled. “The Taliban are here,” she said.

Mariam had first heard of the Taliban two years before, in October 1994, when Rasheed had brought home news that they had overthrown the warlords in Kandahar and taken the city. They were a guerrilla force, he said, made up of young Pashtun men whose families had fled to Pakistan during the war against the Soviets. raised—some even born—in refugee camps along the Pakistani border, and in Pakistani madrasas, where they were schooled in Shari’a by mullahs.

Their leader was a mysterious, illiterate, one-eyed recluse named Mullah Omar, who, Rasheed said with some amusement, called himself Ameer-ul-Mumineen, Leader of the Faithful.

Bamiyan Buddhas

A month before that, Laila had learned that the Taliban had planted TNT in the crevices of the giant Buddhas in Bamiyan and blown them apart, calling them objects of idolatry and sin. There was an outcry around the world, from the U.S. to China.

Governments, historians, and archaeologists from all over the globe had written letters, pleaded with the Taliban not to demolish the two greatest historical artifacts in Afghanistan. But the Taliban had gone ahead and detonated their explosives inside the two-thousand-year-old Buddhas.

This time around the Taliban have access to some of the best military equipment. Taliban now possesses more black hawks than 166 countries, courtesy the United States of America. Let that sink in !!

Thank you POTUS 🙏🙏, from Taliban. Your place in the Islamic heaven is assured. The $2 Trillion that you spent in Afghanistan has ensured that you can spend another $2 Trillion in the name of reestablishing democracy. Well done, despite the Alzheimer’s. 😡

My dear Indian Left Libtards and HMVs, before you rejoice on the turn of events in Afghanistan, your best friend and the paymaster for some of you, Communist China, is ready to recognise Taliban as a legit organisation. Please do remember, it’s the same Taliban that murdered your poster boy Danish Siddiqui AFTER confirming that he was an INDIAN MUSLIM.

Their apology was a sham… just like your overtures of being patriotic 🙄.

Also before you speak of how women are treated in India, you may want to watch a few Taliban style beheading of women who complained about being raped.

Afghanistan – a much loved neighbour, our heartfelt condolences ! Don’t lose hope. The Taliban were driven out once before, they can be driven out again. The Sun of democracy can rise once again in land of a thousand splendid suns.

Just a piece of advise – choose your friends wisely.

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