Daily Gratitude

Today I would like to express my gratitude to the house helps, both the current one and the one who worked at my place for 15 years. Molina was the first house help to start working at my place when we moved to Gurgaon. Till 2018, I had no attrition ! She started working in a school and couldn’t continue working at our place as well, so I let her go.

The thing that I will cherish about Molina is her integrity – I could leave gold jewellery or cash or any valuable around the house and never worry about it. The other thing was the way she took life in her stride without moping around, an abusive husband, a wayward son and a daughter who was a blot on her integrity… when you met her, you would think she had no care in the world. Am glad she got the job in the school, its less tiresome and she gets paid a lot more than what she could earn being a house help, plus she is eligible for state benefits like ESI and PF.

The current house help that I have, is a guy. He is the kind of person who feels sad if you ask him not to clean !! Am deeply grateful to Ashish for keeping our house squeaky clean. During the lockdown, I had no issues with any other house work, but I struggled to keep the balconies clean of pigeon poop. Ashish cleans the balconies every day and now with phenyl, and we are able to step out without worrying about the pigeon poop. We support his daughter and son’s education but its very touching to see him work literally round the clock to ensure his children have a good life. Glad to have him as our house help.


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