Daily Gratitude

Today I want to thank the engineer who thought of air-conditioners. The heat is increasing in Delhi-Gurgaon and I don’t enjoy this season at all. Whoever thought of air-conditioners, saved people like me …. am sure its possible to live life without air-conditioners, and buildings themselves can be built with material that keep it cool, but till these solutions become common place, an air-conditioner helps you stay cool.

Some things to keep in mind when using the air-conditioners –

  1. Get them regularly serviced, especially in cities like Delhi and Gurgaon where we have loads of dust ! Urban Clap which has recently renamed itself to Urban Company sends great AC technicians home for servicing the AC. Their service is excellent.
  2. Avoid running the AC throughout the day. We use it only at night and during the afternoon when we take a nap.
  3. Its good to sweat as well… its the body’s mechanism to cool itself. Air-conditioners tend to dry your skin. So a light night cream would help.
  4. Voltas is a great Indian brand and their air-conditioners are work horses. We have their air-conditioners running at home for nearly 15 years now and they work well. #VocalForLocal
  5. If you live in a condominium, ensure that the water outlet of a split air-conditioner is pointing away from your downstairs neighbour’s balcony … they may have dried clothes or put something out for drying and the water will ruin that, follow this basic etiquette of living in a condominium.
  6. Use a voltage stabiliser, it saves the AC from being ruined due to voltage fluctuations and constant power cuts. We hardly have many power cuts since 2014 (when India got MODIfied), but till the supply voltage gets really stable, this is an inexpensive safeguard.

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