Book review – The girl on the train 

Amazon Kindlestore would keep prompting me to buy this book, but I didn’t for the longest time. Finally last week I gave in and bought the book. Since we were taking a train trip, I decided to read “The girl on the train” on a train. I am so glad with my decision to buy the book and the decision to read it on the train, because the book is un-put-down-able and is a one-sitting book. 

The plot thickens within the first few chapters and the twists and a turns are fascinating. That it is the author’s first book is noteworthy. You feel the plot is unraveling in each chapter, but it only does so in the last couple of chapters. All alcoholics must read this book … The effects of excessive alcohol are described in detail. It hopefully will have a sobering effect. There are a couple of a statements that just stuck in my head – “Life is not a paragraph and death is no parenthesis” and the second one was “Mistress of self-reinvention”. Beautifully worded and worth remembering. 

The book also brings in a lot of intuition and the protagonist gives a lot of credence to her intuition. At the end, it’s the intuition that leads her to the right answer. It’s a great book for young girls and boys who fall in love, get married without paying heed to early warning signals. So it’s not just a story !!

Thus book is definitely recommended. Read it when you have some time – it took me about 4 hours to get through it and am not a speed reader. Take a bow, Paula Hawkins – it’s an excellent first book. 


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