A day the year ends …

For nearly every working Indian and those who are in business, March 31st means the financial year end. Those in sales are probably bursting a vein trying to meet their targets for the year. All major automobile companies, appliance manufacturers, product companies give special discounts to boost the year end sales. The finance guys are burning several oils at all times of the day and night to deliver the tax calculations etc …. 

It’s probably cosmic coincidence that the very next day is Fools day !! Targets are important, goals should be achieved but if only you do the relevant review right through the year and complete the documentation right at the end of the transaction/interaction then I don’t see the rush at the “year end”. Krishnan and I get our personal papers in order nearly every month – so our chartered accountant has never struggled to get information from us. We open a new folder each year and keep storing the bank statements, investment details, donations to charities etc as and when they occur. It takes us just a few minutes to answer queries and our tax gets filed. 

Reflect tomorrow on why every year end is a rushed one … For today, just take deep breaths every couple of hours to rejuvenate yourselves and get on the “year end” roller coaster. You can laugh it off tomorrow :). 

Anything that is rushed means things didn’t get done in time – that’s all 

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