Book Review #22/50 – Who Painted my Money White ?

I read about this book on FB and then got a WhatsApp message with a video of the book launch. I definitely wanted to read this one. I wouldn’t exactly call it a political thriller because a lot of it is reality… and its actually a book that gives you a scare !

Its a fictionalised account of the three things that are the most serious threat to India – fake currency, drugs and terrorism and how they are interlinked. You get a glimpse of how the previous governments dealt with it compared to the present dispensation. Names, dates and event sequences have been changed so that the book can get published :). Its written really well and you get an idea of why Demonetisation was done, why the most powerful man in the UPA Chidambaram, went to jail and the situation in Kerala.

The best part is, if you need the news article that speaks to some of the events mentioned in the book, the links are provided. It is obvious that Sree Iyer, the author, is a fan of the current Prime Minister, but don’t let that stop you from reading his book because its not about Mr. Modi but about why demonetisation was essential and how the proxy war is being conducted by Pakistan using drugs, love jihad and other covert means… it is a war, but no blood is shed – just a couple of generations wiped out using drugs :(:(.

Am no fan of Chidambaram and I wish that he is back in Tihar soon. Chidambaram must live a long life and celebrate his 100th birthday in jail with the watery shitty food….. this one man has weakened India so much if even 50% of what this book claims is true.

Definitely a recommended read, especially if you are interested in politics and whats happening around. It may not appeal to folks who don’t care much for politics or current affairs that affect our country.

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