Aadi Amavasya – It Poured

It was Aadi Amavasya on the 20th and for the past couple of days, it has been raining as predicted by Amma. Yesterday it rained really heavily in the morning and I captured a short video as well, just to enjoy the sound of the rains.

My house
All the lights had to switched on during the day because there was no sunlight !!!

The rain video … rains are so magical.

Enjoy the sound of rain !

Krishnan and I love the rains. Earlier when we didn’t have any cellphones and no car, the minute it would start raining, we would be out on our bike. Even now, we go out for a drive if it rains. When we were riding regularly with the PedalYatris, it was a must to go out and ride in the rains. Hopefully we start riding our cycles again and can do some rain rides.

I was also remembering the Chennai rains of 2015. The entire city got flooded and we lost our car as water went above the dashboard. That was our first experience of floods. We were cut off from everyone for four days. So many of our friends and family tried desperately to get in touch with us !! Crazy times. Dec 1 and 2 – days 1&2 #TheChennaiRains

Am sure Delhiites got a glimpse of floods as buses and other vehicles got stranded in the past few days. DTC bus submerges under Minto Road underpass. The Minto Road underpass was my landmark for nearly 5 years to go anywhere in Delhi :):). I would trace all routes from that point.

Anyway … love the rains. They bring back memories and wash away all the dirt and grime. The humidity has also reduced a bit. Varuna Deva, thanks for that.

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