A Flowery Moirangphee

On 23rd I wore this beautiful bright Moirangphee… Read more about it at – The first Moirangphee !.

I love the flowers that have been woven into this saree. The cotton is so cool and refreshing in this harsh, hot summer. I just cannot wear any other fabric in May and June. This saree reminded me of another picture that was taken during our trek to Chopta for my 40th birthday.

Moirangphee saree
Wrapped in a flowery Moirangphee


Here is the throwback picture from April 6, 2009… sitting amidst the Buransh flowers somewhere on the way to Chopta. Just seeing this picture takes me back to that day and the cool hills of Uttarakhand.

Chopta Flowers
On my 40th birthday on the trek to Chopta.




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