Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful to the BPO industry… it opened up so many opportunities for fresh graduates and in a way brought the whole world a lot closer. Today if I have friends in the US, its because of the BPO industry. Today if I speak English with a more neutralized accent and without a heavy MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) its again thanks to all the training in the BPO industry.

Even as the Voice work is moving/has moved to Philippines, India is still the world’s back office without the “accent” pressures !!

The BPO industry also made it a level playing field for those who didn’t have a BE/BTech degree. In the initial days, the demand was so high that the joke making the rounds was “anyone with a pulse” would get hired. The night shifts did wreak havoc with family life, relationships and people’s health, but like with all changes, once things settled a bit, everyone was able to figure out the new normal for themselves.

The exposure that many young Indians got from travelling abroad is very valuable. The exposure to different work cultures also helped and the Indian corporate world benefited overall.

So thankful to the pioneers in this field – Raman Roy and Pramod Bhasin of “GECIS”. I have had the privilege of starting my BPO career with Raman’s first venture Spectramind.

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