ऐय – आज का सवाल

ऐय … I don’t know if you managed to read what I wrote yesterday. Am sure you must’ve been very busy as the Lok Sabha elections are on and this is the time to make your mark. Sleep well, let the boys do the raping, because you need energy to feed the growing middle of yours and the softie that you are, am sure, you can’t get it up !!

I saw some pictures of your pretty grandchildren, your pretty boy and his lovely wife have done the deed and given you pretty grandchildren…. Especially the youngest little girl. How old is she ? 7 probably ? I was reminded of this news story that happened exactly a year back… And I was in Brazil, when my classmate mentioned this story to me. I cried, yeah, woman you see … Can’t help it, we tear up at the slightest excuse. I cried and for the rest of the class couldn’t focus on what was being said. The link to the story is here Gudiya – 5 year old raped.

Since you are a great man and may not use this filthy internet, here’s a picture of the headline as well –



Now, don’t worry.. The young boy of 25 who did this to Gudiya hasn’t been hanged yet. Gudiya is dead, so no trouble from her. My question to you is …. Would you forgive this young man if he inserted candles and a 200 ml bottle up your youngest grand daughter’s genitals ? ऐय I have tears in my eyes and my fingers nearly refused to ask this question and as a stupid woman, I will kill any boy who even thinks of doing this to your grand daughter…. But I want to know if you will forgive him ?

Maybe we should shove a bottle and some candles up the hole in his backside … Poor boy, he doesn’t know how it feels, and experiential learning is the best. No ? Sure, let’s forgive him and do that to you maybe ? You also want to be forgiven, because only boys do these wrong things ? Sure, can do that – but the trade off is Gudiya’s mom would like to do the above to your son Akhilesh in full public view. But again … That stupid woman is a mother, so she will cry a bucketful and not do a thing. I just might. So let me know.

I don’t want you to die of shame … I want you to live in shame, unable to walk, gasp for breath, beg for mercy, get repeatedly raped by an animal because no man would want to touch you and just experience the pleasure that Gudiya did – even as you are forgiven by her mother.


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