ऐय !

I can’t use your name because I am a woman… One statement of yours left all women without a name and how can I take such a great man’s name. So you don’t want any rapist to be hanged … Great noble thought. After all, we all know that forgiveness is a great virtue. I do wonder though, if your mother were to be raped or paraded naked through the streets of a village in the state you rule .. Would you forgive the man? I think you will forgive him by throwing him in that alligator filled pond of a certain team member of yours called Raja Bhaiyya. For those who don’t understand Hindi, “Bhaiyya” means brother.

And a brother has to help a brother. If your mother is raped then he has to help take care of the perpetrator. Nothing wrong there. I also wonder if you would be just as forgiving if that pretty daughter-in-law of yours is raped ? Or would it not matter ? Because she is someone else’s daughter ? Guess it wouldn’t matter. She is not “apna khoon” (related by blood).

ऐय ! What are your views on men getting raped ? Not that your son has any balls but he can get raped, there are some men who like to rape men. As brothers I suggest you forgive them. Poor things, boys will be boys. It’s ok. Just for a few days your pretty boy cannot sit anywhere and his mother, your wife would cry, but women cry anyway and her tears are crocodile tears, right ?

Ah, that brings me to your wife…. Did you rape her ? Legally it’s called marital rape and it’s perfectly ok, she had it coming, it’s all destiny. I am sure she has forgiven you as a devoted wife should, and from that rape your pretty boy was born – you even got a gift ! Well done.

The new government should beg you to manage the human resources ministry – you are such a magnet and a great trainer ! That other brother of yours called Abu Azmi wants all the raped women to leave the country. Ooh just love the thought. Then everyday boys will have new women to rape and don’t have to soil their private parts by raping the same women. Perfect. Maybe you want to import some women ? So that they came be raped and sent back to their respective countries – don’t you think that’s better ? Raja Bhaiyya has the alligators if any of them puts up too much of a fight !!

ऐय ! Why don’t we do this, all women will go out of your state – your neighbouring state of Haryana is anyway importing women, you can do the same. You personally may have no need for women since you can’t get it up anymore… Did you ever get it up ? Sorry to get personal, but is that why your blessed mother name you “Mulayam” (soft) ??

Till women like your blessed mother don’t throttle lovely soft boys like you at birth, we will continue to be raped. But, you are right, we shouldn’t hang boys after they grow up, they should be killed as soon as they are born, to men such as yourself …. Nip the problem in the bud. Just think how much the poor alligators would relish soft baby flesh ! सही कहा ?

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  1. Well said Bindu, it is unfortunate that AKhilesh has to suffer his father, lacks the courage to go against him, the party, his uncles and Azam. No wonder UP has 4.5 CMs, Mulayam, Azam, Mulayams 2 brothers and Akhilesh the 1/2 CM.

  2. My dear Bindu…..if this is what you can write ( read SUPER WRITE ) in the middle of unpacking your stuff…I wonder what will you pen down …sitting in your balcony…sipping your favorite tea on a fresh morning !!!

    Agree with every single word expressed.

  3. BIngo. Reading some of your posts, I saw it coming from you,… but, never thought the dam would burst. You know the irony Bindu,? I still consider this article a vegetarian one.! That former India Defence Minister deserved some raw shit. Thanks a million, still. I will take the liberty of posting this original blog, along with my tamil translated version in my FB page, fully acknowledging the source. I hope its ok with you.

  4. Dear mam,

    The problem just does not stop here itself. It is in the very mind set of most people in india. Tell a mother or a father that their son raped a girl, and they will go to great lengths to prove that the girl was of loose character and enticed the boy ! I came across this article to elaborate as to what I mean

    I often feel (i might sound barbaric up here) one solution is very harsh punishment . Hang the rapist by his balls ! or burn down/chop off the very part they are proud of, so that for the rest of their life they will know what pain is

    Thanks for writing the article


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