Vintage Car Rally ?

Yesterday on our way back from Chidambaram to Chennai, we found ourselves in the midst of a vintage car rally between Villupuram and Chengalpattu.

The first car we noticed was a well maintained Chevrolet. Initially we thought it was just one car that someone had taken out for a spin but soon there was an Impala, a Beetle, a Fiat and a couple of other vintage cars on the road. It was obviously some sort of rally.

Vintage Chevrolet
Vintage well maintained Chevrolet
Vintage car

Next we spotted a red beauty with a gleaming spare wheel at the back. Probably a Morris Garage car.

Vintage Cars
Morris Minor ? Not sure and couldn’t read the name on the back

We then spotted a Plymouth. It was parked to the side and Krishnan didn’t get a great angle to click the pick. Still he managed to get the whole car in the frame ! Am not surprised as this was the car that his favourite actor, the legendary Shivaji Ganesan owned. Not this particular one but a Plymouth car.

Vintage Cars
A Plymouth

Our lucky mascot Fiat was next. Every time we would start on a trip in the early 2000’s we would spot a Fiat and the trip always ended up being great. Spotting a Fiat meant this trip was also a good one.

Vintage Fiat
Fiat spotted !
Vintage Cars
The windshield is not very clean 🙄

Ofcourse the next car made me very happy. It was my favorite VW Beetle.

Vintage Beetle
Vintage Beetle
My favourite VW Beetle … What’s not to like about this car ?

Finally a stately Impala to complete our vintage car rally :).

Vintage Cars
Vintage cars
A Stately Impala

Kudos to the owners of these vintage cars for maintaining them so well. We tend to abuse our cars so much !!

It was great fun driving alongside these ageless beauties from a bygone era.


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