Thank God for Monday 

Had your first coffee break of the day ? Or some of you might have just started the day and some others might be already harried :). Stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath, another one and spend the next five minutes going through this blog. A deep breath is deep only if your mind goes blank. 

Now, what will make this day a good day for you ? Pick that one thing from your to-do list that MUST get done and write it on top. Pick the next one that will be good to do and leave the rest of the items in whatever order they are. Please find the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days for yourself and your stakeholders – send a quick message wishing them or even better, give them a call. The whole thing will not take more than two minutes and will make your day better. 

Once your day is prioritised, fill the rest of the day with people to meet. Pats on the back go a long way in getting things done than yelling at the top of your voice. So walk around, find people doing something good and pat them on their back. 

As you complete reading this short blog, please close your eyes and thank God, your parents or yourself that it’s a Monday and you have work to do. There are millions out there with no way to put food on their table and no skills to do any work. You are blessed that you have work to do, skills to do it and your choice of food on your plate !! Celebrate and get on with it, happily. Throw the frown out in the trash can. 

Have fun. 

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Monday ”

  1. Thank God I can read so quickly. Many need scribe and special expensive equipments just to read this 2 min article. Very inspiring thank you Ma’am.


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