The promise of a great weekend 

April Fools day ! Well, am an April born and I am all for having fun everyday. 

Today, learn to laugh at yourself. You may be the CEO of a large corporation or even the President of a country but it’s very important to not take yourself too seriously. It’s ok to have the joke on you. And everyone is a fool at times, it’s our birthright. The constitution does not forbid you from being a fool. It will also save you from the oldies laughter club … 

Do you have fun at work ? Not the kind that has been popularised by my BPO community – monthly movies, team lunches, birthday cakes etc etc. That’s no fun. Remember, anything mandated is not fun. Make work fun. That’s possible when you help people to constantly learn new things and try new ideas. Usually Friday’s are fun days in the BPO world, so use this day to find ways to make work fun – daily learning, daily improvement of skills is what makes work fun. 

Get people to enact stories, impromptu. I had once got my entire team to enact the stories with a moral at the end, as a fun evening. There are theatre workshops that help you bring out th actor in you and are a great bonding tool, also loads of fun. You can go out for a nature walk or a heritage walk or even a baking or pottery class. The point is to try something new and that’s the real fun !

Enjoy being goofy. Laughter separates you from other species that co-habit the Earth and laughter releases the happy hormones, absolutely free. Hahahahahaha…. Join in. 

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